Rules & Regulations

College Rules and Regulations –

  1. If any Student, after admission, leaves the college under any circumstances, have to pay the college fees for the remaining period of the whole course.
  2. Rules for CET shall be followed as and when such rules are definitely framed
  3. Candidate has to secure 100% of attendance for theory classes as well as practical in each subjects
  4. The candidate must secure 50% marks in internal examination in each subjects
  5. The candidate must secure 50% marks in external examination separately in each theory and practical examination.
  6. Candidate who fails in any paper, shall not be admitted to the subsequent higher examination, unless she/he has passed the previous examination
  7. Students should not break or damage any of the article provided for their use.
  8. The student should groom professionally and well behaved in the college.

Professional Behaviors

Students should remember that they are professionals and mind what they say and do 

  • Using cell phone in clinical is a disaster
  • Making personal phone calls either from a cell phone or phone at the hospital during clinical time is not permitted
  • Having personal talk with others during clinical time is not allowed.
  • Repeatedly going in and out of clinical posting area is inappropriate behavior
  • Sleeping during working hours is not allowed and it is unprofessional and unsafe behavior
  • Student Nurse must  treat their patient with respect and dignity
  • The student should maintain their professional ethics, that is
    • Not to give personal contact address to their patients
    • Not to become too friendly with their patients
    • Not to handle the patients belongings
  • If the Head Nurse considers the behavior of a student is destructive, the student may be asked to leave the clinical area immediately.

Dress regulations for students( Male)

  • Hair must be groomed well (Preferably oiled)
  • Face must be neatly shaven
  • First button of shirt must not be left open
  • No bracelets or religious threads should be worn in the wrist, Rings can injure patients. So it is not permitted
  • No slippers should be worn. Only shoes are accepted
  • White coat should be worn

Dress regulations for students( Female)

  • Hair should not be left loose, but should be well groomed, oiled and put up
  • Long nails with polish are not acceptable. This will injure the patient. Mehandi’s on hands will look odd and hence it is not permitted
  • Pallus of Sarees and Dupattas of Churidhars should not be flowing
  • Shoes which cover toes are to be worn
  • Students must wear clean and washed Uniform( Unclean and unwashed Uniform will be the source of cross infection)
  • Bangles should not be worn
  • Flowers or perfumes should not be worn
  • Attractive , big ear rings, chains and anklets not be worn
  • Small ear ring is only permitted


As per the directions of Hon’ble  Supreme Court of India/Indian Nursing council/UGC regulations, the institution has constituted the Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad. The District Legal Service Authority Malappuram conducts legal awareness classes for the Nursing students on regular basis.
In case any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the Principal, the concerned students shall be given to the liberty to explain and the Principal reserves right to take action as per the directions of Supreme court of India, including expulsion of student from the institution. 

Assessment and Progress:-
The details of the assessment pattern for your studies is set out. Periodic written examinations are distributed throughout the year. There will be minimum distributed throughout the year. There will be minimum 5 unit tests, 2 sessional exams and one model exam in a year for each subject of University Examination. A minimum of 80% or above attendance separately in theory classes as well as 100 % in practical of each subject is required.

Appraisal of student’s performance will be sent to their parents/ guardians once in three months.