To contribute to the development of nursing as a profession by producing graduates who:

>> Demonstrate personal characteristics that reflects a developing professional meaning, that is

           a. To recognize the intrinsic dignity, worth and uniqueness of persons

           b. To demonstrate sensitivity and awareness of personal assets and limitations

           c. To demonstrate advocacy, empathy, tolerance accordingly

           d. To maintain ethical standards

           e. To think rigorously and critically

           f. To foster independent and collaborative practice

           g. To provide leadership for change.

>> Accept responsibility for lifelong learning and professional growth

>> Utilize knowledge of biological, physical, verbal, emotional and spiritual factors in nurse/ client situations.

>> Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of inter professional interchange on nursing – other health discipline and the health care system.

>> Demonstrate nursing practice that neglects knowledge of the process of change, caring – coping valuing learning and critical appraisal.

>> Demonstrate a comprehensive approach to nursing practice in a variety of settings.

>> Support and promote a humanistic and scientific approach to the care of nursing clients.