Laboratory of Anatomy & Physiology

For teaching the structure and functions of the human body in addition to the classroom, a laboratory with Cadaver, Dissection table, Specimens of parts of human body, Anatomical charts, and atlases, an articulated skeleton, disarticulated bones, slides and dissectible models of organs are available.



Laboratory of Fundamentals of Nursing

In the first year the students are introduced to the principles and practices which are basic to nursing in the hospital and community. Opportunities are provided for the students to recognize the common manifestations of illness and understand the significance of each symptom, to learn simple diagnostic procedures and to develop the ability to carry out nursing activities for the relief of discomfort.

The learning experiences provided are based on patient-centered. The laboratory is large enough to permit a class to be seated during demonstrations and for a group practice, comfortable.

The wards and the departments of Al Shifa Hospital provide suitable learning situations for the students. The concept comprehensive nursing care is instilled in the student. The teaching of all nursing practices emphasizes the underlying scientific principles and methods of adapting there in carrying the ill person.



Laboratory of Community Health Nursing

The students must have opportunities for learning in real life situations and in which urban and rural health services are being provided. Home visiting bags are available for demonstration and in sufficient number for use by the students. The College of Nursing Community Health Laboratory also has an adequate stock of supplies to keep the bags complete and ready.


Laboratory of Nutrition & Dietetics

The learning experience in Nutrition aims at giving the student a good understanding of the relationship between nutrition and health. The laboratory has space for seating the students and heat proof tables, sinks, running water and also a cooking unit for every two to four students. The equipments such as a refrigerator, dietetic scale, cooking vessels, serving dishes pressure cookers, mixers, juicers, sieves, grinding stones, cutlery and crockery.


Laboratory of Midwifery & Gynaecology

The students are directed to acquire sufficient knowledge and skill in rendering quality care to women in reproductive age group, with special emphasis on prenatal, natal and post natal period.

The students are guided to identify different gynaecological disorders and diseases and gain skill in rendering care to women suffering from gynaecological disorders. The midwifery and gynaecological laboratories is equipped with adequate number of models.

The clinical facilities also are sufficient to help the students achieve the desired experiences


Laboratory of Child Health Nursing

Students are given opportunities to learn about the services available to promote and maintain health and welfare of the healthy as well as the sick child. The child health nursing lab is equipped adequately with needed facilities.